I am currently a Research Scholar at International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria. I have an engineering background with specialization in mathematical modelling of socioeconomic systems. Through my PhD degree in policy analysis and several projects afterwards, I have developed an interdisciplinary research profile that combines systems analysis and engineering, decision sciences and social sciences.

Research Experience

2019-present | Research Scholar | Ecosystems Services and Management Program, IIASA, Austria

My current work involves extending the FeliX integrated assessment model to explore lifestyle change, land use dynamics and negative emission technologies, as well as participatory modelling activities to foster climate resilience in several European regions. See Current Projects.

2017-2019 | Postdoctoral Research Scholar | IIASA, Austria

During my postdoc fellowship at IIASA, I worked on the validation of uncertainty-oriented systems models and national well-being. See Past Projects.

2017 | Postdoctoral Researcher | Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

At the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, I worked on a World Bank project that evaluates the vulnerabilities of the Bangladesh’s multi-modal transport network to climate change, specifically to flood events. See Past Projects.

2016 | Research Associate | University College London, UK

At UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, I worked on the ‘Integrated decision-making about Housing, Energy and Wellbeing (HEW)’ project. See Past Projects.


Problem structuring and participatory modelling

Contextualizing and structuring complex problems based on systems analytical approaches, facilitating participatory modelling activities, knowledge co-production and stakeholder engagement

System dynamics (SD) modelling

Developing qualitative and quantitative system dynamics models, experienced with all major SD software and mostly using Vensim DSS, providing model-based solution strategies and policy recommendations for dynamic problems in various complex social, managerial, economic, or environmental contexts

Decision-making under deep uncertainty

Analyzing decision-making problems characterized by deep uncertainty, when the parties to a decision do not know, or agree on, the best model for relating actions to consequences or the likelihood of future events, using decision-aid tools and dedicated Python-packages for exploratory modelling and analysis and multi-objective robust decision making

Data collection and analysis

Qualitative and quantitative data collection from surveys, interviews, scientific literature, online databases, website and social media APIs (e.g. Google Trends, Facebook); qualitiative data analysis based on grounded theory approach, quantitative data analysis and visualization, including text-mining, with Python tools


Experienced with C/C++, Java and R, recently using only Python for various purposes, from data analysis and visualization to software development


2011-2016 | PhD in Policy Analysis | Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

I developed a system dynamics simulation model of the Dutch energy and natural gas system, and used this model to derive scenario-based policy recommendations. I used various methods of decision-making under deep uncertainty, and developed an approach to incoporate stakeholder perspectives into model-based scenarios.

2013 | Visiting student | Engineering Systems Division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

2009-2011 | MSc in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management| Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

With a two-year scholarship by the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, I studied an interdisciplinary curriculum that focused on multi-actor management of socio-technical systems, specialized in modelling, simulation and gaming, and wrote a thesis on the sensitivity analysis of graphical functions in system dynamics models.

2004-2009 | BSc in Industrial Engineering | Bogazici University, Turkey

I learned the theory and various industrial and socioeconomic applications of operations research besides diverse engineering subjects.

2008 | Exchange student | Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands